Est 1974


Development & evolution of know-how

48 Years of Expertise

During its long presence ECOTECH has developed its own know-how both in the design and construction of complete units as well as in the design and construction of equipment and the application of special systems on a case by case basis.

Foundations of know-how are:

Extensive archive

An extensive archive that contains all the work he has done from the 70's until today


Entire company's library results a rich database


A significant series of drawings


Many years of completed operational monitoring WWTPs

At ECOTECH the design of the Units starts from the proper management of the wastewater at the place of production.

In Greece & Abroad

Extensive experience

The people of ECOTECH know the Greek market and its peculiarities. They know the data on the basis of which the units are designed, the philosophy with which they are constructed, the conditions under which they operate, the problems they present.

The selection of the type of Unit is based not only on the quantity and characteristics of the wastewater but also on the way in which the wastewater generating activity operates, the space available, the manner and the disposal area of the treated, the quantity and the way of treatment and disposal of the resulting sludge and many other factors.
Whether to install a conventional unit that includes concrete tanks in which the equipment is placed or a prefabricated (compact) unit is a decision based on many factors such as the above.
Also whether a unit will use conventional methods or newer ones such as the moving bed or membrane method is also a decision that should be made with great care taking into account not only the above factors but also the real needs in each case separately.



ECOTECH is a pioneer in the design and construction of prefabricated treatment plants for municipal or industrial wastewater.
These units are made based on either conventional methods (prolonged ventilation) or newer ones such as the moving bed and the membranes.
They are mostly made of stainless steel and have a very long service life which means that if the method is chosen correctly they will serve for a long time.
Also the simplicity of operation and the minimum possible maintenance are basic guidelines on which the design of the Units is based.